Fit Food

What makes The FitStop snacks

The FitStop is a clean eating food business that provides performance food and snacks for the committed athlete.

We aspire to support our customers to achieve their training and fitness goals with delicious snack options. Here at The FitStop, we know that every gram matters. Our ambition is to ‘Fuel Your Potential’ – whether that is prepping for a contest, setting new Personal Bests or wanting to drop some weight or add some muscle.

We want to be your fuel of choice.

What's your Fuel?


Calorie dense to help fuel your next workout or replenish glycogen stores


Low in carbohydrates and fats to aid calorie management and protect muscle


A balanced macronutrient profile to help you perform at your peak


High in good fats and protein to aid ketosis and support healthy ketone production


High quality plant protein and antioxidant rich for optimum body function